Rhiannon Ladd is an Illustrator based in Bristol, England. She approached me to build a portfolio website to showcase her work to potential employers and be advertised as part of her final year show.

After talking over her requirements I was able to put a proposal together, because Rhiannon had little/no experience with the web I handled the complete solution – including everything from securing the domain name and hosting through to building the website from the ground up.

Web Design - Rhiannon Ladd
Rhiannon Ladd - Illustration website design

Rhiannon wanted a simple and easy to use interface, and to contribute graphics she made herself. I was able to talk her through this process, providing guidance on the requirements of the images and then eventually incorporate them into the design she decided on before testing them and uploading them to the web when she was happy with everything.

In order for Rhiannon to track the visitor traffic to her website I set up and implemented a Statcounter account for her – allowing her to see in depth data about her visitors – something she was especially interested in with her final year show coming up!


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